Cold Pi - Secure Bitcoin Storage

The Cold Pi allows you to store you bitcoins securely by keeping them on an air gapped device that you can carry with you.

Using the Cold Pi is easy, simply insert the provided SDHC card to your Cold Pi and plug it to an HDMI source.

We've pre-installed Bitcoin Armory on the Cold Pi along with's source code. This will allow you to manage your coins, create paper-wallets and more..

Price: 0.6BTC

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What's in the package?

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Clear/Black Pi Case
  3. Power Cable(MicroUSB -> EU Outlet)
  4. 8GB Class 10 SDHC Card

Already have your own Raspberry Pi or can find one for cheap?
Buy the SDHC card alone for 0.2BTC

Pay via BitPay
Free international shipping - All orders are shipped within 5 business days.
Got a Raspberry Pi and want to do it all yourself?

How to install Bitcoin Armory on a Raspberry Pi

How to load Cold Pi's complete image on your Raspberry Pi

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The Cold Pi is at the size of the palm of your hand which makes it completely mobile. It has no wireless connection available and we advise our users to never connect it to the Internet

If at any point you would like to spend the Bitcoins that are stored on the Cold Pi, please use read our manual on how to do it securely.

User Friendly

We've installed Raspbian OS & Armory on the Cold Pi.
After booting the Cold Pi you will be presented with an easy user interface that will allow you to launch Armory and view your wallet details


We've written manuals on how to customize your Cold Pi. Settings/Changing passwords, creating new addresses and encrypting your SDHC was never easier

See manuals